Bridge Without Sam

``Bridge Without Sam'' was a weekly column in the Caltech student paper while I was a grad student there. I've continued writing these columns since then, and by now most of them never appeared in print. These columns are not organized by any topic; they are just hands that struck my fancy somehow. If there is a unifying theme, I suppose they could be called, ``The Fiercer Pseudo-Squeezes and Other Stories.''

If you see any bugs, please feel free to tell me how I ought to have got it right! Almost all of the events chronicled occurred in real life, but sometimes my memory is a bit faulty.

Thanks to Sam Dinkin, Walter Hamilton, Mike Shuster, Sylvia Summers, Marshall Miles, Mark Bartusek, and John Jones (and anyone else I have omitted) as either innocent bystanders or active perpetrators on some of these hands. All characters are either real or not at my whim; resemblances to real people are intentional if flattering, for your amusement only if not.

Jeff Goldsmith,, August 12th, 1997