One Right

Playing in a Swiss team game against questionable opposition, we are playing badly and losing. Nothing has gone right all day when I pick up the best hand I have ever been dealt.
 S:--- H:AKQ1076 D:AQ10963 C:A
The opponents do not leave us alone; RHO starts the auction with a weak two in spades. I can show a two-suiter with the reds by bidding 4D:, but that's not forcing and my hand is way too good for that, so I start with the only 100% forcing bid I have, 3S:. LHO raises me and partner and RHO pass, so I have to find another bid:
Everyone seems to be bidding spades, and with a 1-loser hand, I can do it again, so I raise to 5S:. Partner bids 6C:, and I correct to 6D:, hoping to describe a huge red two-suiter. I seem to have succeeded, because partner shrugs and bids 6H:. All pass and partner gets a play problem.
S: ---
H: AKQ1076
D: AQ10963
C: A
S: 876
H: 932
D: J8
C: KQ532
West leads a small spade and partner ruffs in dummy. Partner is feeling pretty proud of herself for working out my hand but is prone to failing to pay attention to the play after a confusing bidding sequence. Fortunately, she is happy with this dummy (who would not be?) and stops to think after West shows out on the H:A. After duly cursing, she smiles and places the H:10 on the table. East thinks about this for a little while and ducks, though it doesn't matter. Partner draws trumps and concedes a trick to the D:K for +980. Everyone on the team has done well; our teammates saved in 6S: for -500 and a ten IMP pickup.
Copyright © 1993 Jeff Goldsmith