Woolsey Defense to 1NT Openings

This is our version of this defense, originally published by Kit Woolsey in Bridge Today.
Initial Actions
Double = usually a 5-card minor and a 4-card major
2C: = majors, 2D: asks for preference
2D: = one of the majors
2H: = H: and a minor
2S: = S: and a minor
2N = both minors
3X = natural

Common abuses:
3145 hands in balancing seat regularly double, even with no four-card major.

Very big hands (good 19+) start with double and rebid 2NT (or double) to try to expose a psych.

Good 4441 hands with a stiff minor can start with 2C:.

Single-suited minor hands often start with double, hoping to be able to play at the 2-level. These hands will pass a 2D: ask.
Responses to Double:
2C: = pass or correct After 2D:, 2H: is pass or correct
2D: = what's your major? (NB: NOT forcing)
2H:,2S: = natural, to play
2NT = artificial, please describe
3C: = min clubs
3D: = min diamonds
3H: = max clubs
3S: = max diamonds
3C:,3D: = to play
3H:,3S: = natural, invitational, good suits
3NT = to play
4x = Namyats
If they interfere:
2NT = pick your minor
all else natural (no way to find major)
double suggests defending
Responses to 2C::
2D: = you pick
2M = significant preference; xxx KQ bids 2D:
2NT = artificial game try
3C: = min, better hearts, etc.
3C: = natural preemptive
3D: = natural preemptive
3M = natural blocking, not invitational, 5-card suit
3N = to play
4x = Namyats
If they interfere:
Everything is natural, including double
Responses to 2D::
2H: = normal
2S: = heart fit, forcing to 3H:
2NT = artificial game try
3C: = min, hearts, etc.
...after 2NT, 4M by responder is to play
3C:,3D: = to play
3H: = pass or correct, blocking
3S: = pass or correct
3N = to play
4x = Namyats
If they interfere:
2NT = bid your major
double = penalties
All else natural
Responses to 2M:
2S: = to play
2NT = artificial game try, see below
3C: = pass or correct
3D: = to play
3M = natural, blocking
3OM = natural, preemptive
3N = to play
4x = Namyats
If they interfere (including double):
2NT = bid your minor
3C: = natural
All else natural

If they double an artificial bid, unsolicited bids are interest in playing the suit bid. Pass is to play the artificial suit; redouble is no opinion.

Mnemonic for interference: If no long suit is sure, 2NT asks. All else natural.

Over 2M, 2NT is an artificial game try and 3C: asks for correction to diamonds if appropriate.

Responses to 2NT:
3C: = min, clubs
3D: = min, diamonds
3H: = max, clubs
3S: = max, diamonds
3N = max, unwilling to play a partscore and hold appropriate minor such that 3M is not forcing.

We play the 2NT ask after:

Woolsey 2M
Hamilton 2M
Woolsey double if comp
Michaels cue-bids of a major

Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@tintin.jpl.nasa.gov, April 18, 1996