Kokish's Rebids after 1D-2C

The auction 1D:-2C: is a problem auction for Standard bidders. To solve this, strong notrumpers have often chosen to play 2C: as game forcing. K/Sers have different problems; 2C: can sometimes be bid on weaker hands than Standard bidders. Then if opener has an unbalanced hand, disambiguating the responding hand's values can be difficult.

The Standard approach is to allow the 2D: rebid to be pretty much anything, but that (in particular in K/S) forces a rebid by responder and leaves the auction unclear. (Playing Standard, who is responsible for starting the search for a 4-4 major suit fit?)

A set of rebids, attributed to Eric Kokish, attempts to handle these problems. They were designed for use along with a weak NT, but work with any NT range. I'll assume 15-17 NTs and others can transpose from there.

1D:-2C:; ?

2D: = 5+D:, forcing
2H: = 4441 exactly
2S: = good club raise
2NT = 12-14, balanced
3C: = bad club raise
3D: = 16+, good 6-card diamond suit
3H:, 3S: = splinters in support of clubs
3NT = 18-19, balanced

Responder's major suit rebid is normally a 4-card suit, but can sometimes be just a stopper; opener is not expected to go past 3NT. Opener's 2S: and 3C: deny a four-card major, but 2D: often contains one.

Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@tintin.jpl.nasa.gov, Sept. 18, 1996