Bupkis Bids

My partners are great card holders. I am not. They always seem to think I ought to have a few cards, and I disappoint them altogether too often. As a result, some of my partnerships have developed a pattern of conventions. In competitive auctions, if partner has shown a very good hand and we are in a forcing auction, we have a call to show utter rubbish. Some examples:
  1. PartnerRHO You LHO
    2C:bid Dbl

    2C: is strong and artificial. Doubling them shows no high cards outside of their suit. Pass is, of course, forcing.

  2. LHO PartnerRHO You
    1x Dbl any any
    any 2x Pass2x+1

    Here, the next step shows real trash unless you showed strength on the first round.

  3. RHO You LHO Partner
    1x 1y any 2x

    Uh, sorry, partner, just kidding.

  4. Barry Rigal suggests that
    RHO You LHO Partner
    1x Dbl Pass any
    2x Dbl
    should show the values for a cue bid, in which case the next step, again, shows rubbish.
Reverse Drury is similar, as are Herbert Negatives.

If responder/advancer does not use a double negative, we are in a forcing auction. No bids other than further cues or jumps are forcing after a double negative.

Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@tintin.jpl.nasa.gov, Aug. 8, 1997