Photos of Skaters

Finally, some of my own photos. These were taken five-ten years ago (I think) at various ice shows in Los Angeles. If anyone is sure from exactly which show one must have been, I'd be happy to hear about it. In general, they were taken from a fairly large distance, sadly. Images from Worlds '96 in Edmonton. (Nabbed from Nando.) Images from Nationals '96 in San Jose. (Nabbed from Nando.) These are photographs of some of my favorite skaters. Totally idiosyncratic selections. I have no idea where most of these photos originated. If you do, please tell me. Thanks.

These were taken by Katja Rupp. She has many more at her web site.

These are from Nando; looks as they got them from the news services such as AP and Reuters. I don't know what that means about the status of the images.

These are by Holly Henry-Pilkington (her web site).

I can't decide. You pick.
Jeff Goldsmith (my home page),, October 6th, 1997