What Does This Mean?

All at matchpoints.
  1. WestNorthEastSouth
    PassPass Pass1H:
    Pass1S: PassPass

    What's 1NT? How does it differ from double if they are similar?

  2. You be the judge:
    S: AKxx
    H: Ax
    D: Axxx
    C: 10xx
    S: Q
    H: KQJx
    D: KJx
    C: K8xxx
    1D: 2C: (game forcing)
    2NT (nat. 13-16*) 3H: (natural)
    3S: 4D:
    4S: 4NT
    5C: 5S:
    6C: Pass

    6C: had no play and went down two. Ten tricks were available in notrump.

    1. apportion the blame.
    2. which was the single worst call?

    * Systemic notes: 1NT opening was 10-12. Rebids by West were "Kokish:" 2D: = 5+D:, 2H: = 4441, 2S: = good club raise, 3C: = bad club raise, 2NT = 13-16, 3NT = 17-18.

  3. none vul, you hold  S:AK98 H:KJ832 D:xx C:Ax
    1C: 1H: PassPass
    1NT*All pass

    RHO thought a long time before 1NT.

    1. do you agree with your bidding?
    2. what do you lead?

Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@tintin.jpl.nasa.gov, Dec. 22, 1997