Some problems from the Santa Barbara Sectional

All at IMPs, short matches
  1. Both vul, you hold

     S:AQ10x H:A7xx D:A109x C:Q

    CHO You
    1D: 1H:
    2H: 2S:
    4H: ?
    a) What now? What's your plan?
    b) Do you play that 4H: is ambiguous about slam or suggests lack of slam interest or neither? (Obviously, partner has few aces this time, but in general, should he cue bid if he's slammish, to cater to a slam try by responder?)

  2. None vul, you hold

     S:xx H:Q10x D:KJ10x C:K9xx

    1S: 2S: (Bergen)
    4S: Pass

    What do you lead?

  3. Favorable

    S: K943
    H: J953
    D: J42
    C: A3
    S: QJ52
    H: Q10
    D: 98
    C: Q10986

    1H: Pass2H:* Dbl
    4H: All Pass

    2H: was a 3-card (!) raise.

    Do you pass over 4H:?

    You lead the S:Q.

    T1: S:Q-3-6-8
    You are playing upside-down count and attitude.

    Over to you.

Jeff Goldsmith,, Nov. 26, 2002