Problems from the San Bernardino Regional

All are at IMPs
  1. both vul

    S: J9x
    H: Qx
    D: 42
    C: AJ98xx
    S: Q10xx
    H: A10x
    D: AKJ98x

    West Dummy East Declarer
    1NT Dbl*
    2D:* Pass 2H: 3D:
    Pass Pass 3H: Pass
    Pass 4D: All Pass

    Dbl showed a 4-card major and a longer minor
    2D: showed hearts

    T1: S:8-x-K-x
    T2: S:A-x-x-x
    T3: S:7-10-D:x-x
    T4: H:x-x-K-A
    T5: D:A-10-x-x
    T6: H:x-x-Q-x
    T7: C:A-x-H:10-x
    T8: D:x-x-?

  2. Both vul

     S:AQ8x H:K10 D:xxx C:KJ10x

    1D: 2S: Dbl ?

    a) what do you bid at IMPs?
    b) what if it were matchpoints?

  3. S: xxx
    H: KQ10x
    D: Kx
    C: AKQx
    S: AQ9x
    H: x
    D: AQJxxx
    C: xx

    Dummy Declarer
    1NT 2C:
    2H: 3D: (doesn't promise spades)
    4C: 6D:

    Opening lead is the C:J. Plan the play.

  4. West East
    1H: 2D:
    2H: 2NT
    3S: 3NT
    4D: ...

    System is 2/1 game forcing unless responder rebids his suit, so 2NT is artificial and game forcing. E/W play Flannery, which can be 4-6 with a minimum; they tend not to respond 1S: with only four cards in the suit.

    What are West's likely (possible?) shapes? Give an example hand.

  5. You be the judge. On each of the following hands, allocate the blame for reaching the wrong contract. Given the first two bids, how ought the hands be bid?

    S: AK
    H: AKxxx
    D: Qxx
    C: AQx
    S: x
    H: xx
    D: Axxx
    C: K109xxx

    West                  East
    2C: 3C: (Goren)
    4C: 4D:
    4H: 6C:
    7C: Pass

    S: AKx
    H: AKx
    D: KQx
    C: AQxx
    S: Q10x
    H: x
    D: A10xxxxx
    C: J10

    West                  East
    2C: 3D: (Goren)
    4D: 5D:
    6NT Pass

    (Goren: 5+ card suit, not necessarily to two of the top three honors, but not awful. Values worth an ace and a king.)

Jeff Goldsmith,, Feb 14, 2003