Some problems from the Riverside Sectional Swiss

  1. Both vulnerable, you hold

     S:QJx H:Jxxx D:x C:QJ10xx

    1C: 1D: ?

    a. How do you rank these three choices:

    1. 1H:
    2. 2C: (not inverted)
    3. 3C: (preemptive) (Or would you choose another call?)

      b. Let's say you choose 2C:.

      CHO RHO You LHO
      1C: 1D: 2C: 2D:
      Dbl Pass?

    4. Favorable, you hold

       S:J H:AJxx D:AQJxx C:109x

      CHO RHO You LHO
      2H: Pass3D: Dbl
      5D: 5S: PassPass
      Dbl Pass?

      3D: was natural and forcing; 4D: was undefined, which is why it was not chosen.

      a. What would you have done at your previous turn? (Over 5S:)

      b. What now? If you pass, what do you lead?

    5. Both vulnerable, you hold

       S:AK H:KJxx D:QJx C:KQ109

      CHO RHO You LHO
      Pass3S: ?

      a. What is your call?

      b. If you double and partner bids 4D:, what then?

      Jeff Goldsmith,, Oct. 21, 2001