Some from the Queen Mary Regional Aug. '98

  1. IMPs, short matches, unfavorable

     S:--- H:KQJxx D:xxx C:Axxxx

    CHO RHO You
    Pass2S: ?

  2. IMPs, long matches, both vul

     S:Axx H:x D:Ax C:AK98xxx

    You CHO
    1C: 1H:

  3. IMPs, long matches

     S:x H:Q10xx D:AKxxx C:A10x

    You open 1D:. Partner bids 1S:. And now?

  4. S: K97xx
    H: x
    D: AKJ10
    C: xxx
    S: Q10
    H: AKJ109x
    D: 95
    C: KJ9

    Dummy Declarer
    1S: 2H:
    2S: 3C: (3H: would have been non-forcing)
    3NT 4H:

    a) what do you think of the bidding?
    b) Opening lead is the D:6. They play 3rd and 5th. Plan the play.

Jeff Goldsmith,, September 9, 1998