Some problems from the Palm Springs Regional

  1. Both vul, you hold

     S:A109x H:10x D:Jxx C:Axxx

    1D:! 1H: 3D:! ?

    1D: was 2 or more. 3D: was preemptive.

  2. S: Ax
    H: Jx
    D: A432
    C: AK10xx
    S: 108
    H: x
    D: KQ10xx
    C: 9xxxx
    S: KQJxx
    H: K109x
    D: Jxx
    C: Q
    S: 97xx
    H: AQ87xx
    D: 5
    C: Jx

    North East South West
    1NT 2D:! Dbl Pass
    Pass 2S: Dbl All Pass

    1NT was 15-17. 2D: was the majors. Pass of the double was "no preference" (not diamonds).

    T1: S:x-8-A-x
    T2: S:x-x-x-10
    T3: D:K-A-x-x
    T4: H:J-K-A-x
    T5: C:J-x-K-x
    T6: C:K.
    Making 2. N/S -670. 800 is available on any number of defenses.

    a) what would you lead?
    b) assign the blame for this 30 IMP debacle.
    c) In 4H: N/S, do you take the offense or defense?

  3. S: Kx
    H: Kxx
    D: AQxxxx
    C: Kx
    S: QJ109xx
    H: A9xx
    D: x
    C: xx
    S: Axxxx
    H: J10
    D: Kx
    C: AJ9x
    H: Qxxx
    D: J10xx
    C: Q108xx

    North East South West
    1NT Pass 2S:! Dbl
    3D: Pass* Pass 3S:
    All Pass

    2S: was alerted and explained as Minor Suit Stayman. (One might question the wisdom of this choice, but N/S open 1NT frequently with 5-card majors, so letting the opponents bid spades might not be so bad.) East's 2nd pass was rather pregnant (and ridiculous—she has an obvious 4S: bid), agreed all around.

    The director was called after the 3S: bid. The hand was played out; 3S: made 5. The director was summoned after the hand. He ruled 3D:+3 for +110.

    Each side appealled. E/W wanted +200. N/S wanted +130.

    How do you rule?

  4. S: AJx
    H: Q98x
    D: A108x
    C: 108
    S: Kx
    H: AKx
    D: 9xxx
    C: AJ64

    You open a strong (15-17) NT. Partner bids Stayman. RHO (Meckstroth) bids 2S:. You pass, pass, 3NT, all pass. You get a medium spade spot lead. You win the S:K in hand and play a diamond to the 8. Meckstroth wins with the D:Q and continues with the C:9. Your turn.

Jeff Goldsmith,, Jan. 29, 2002