Grand National Pairs '96 Problems

All at matchpoint scoring on a 5 top
  1. favorable, you hold

     S:AJ9xx H:Kxx D:AJxxx C:---

    RHO opens 3C:. What's your plan?

    While I've never seen anyone play this, perhaps it'd be nice to have the following methods:
    4D: = diamonds and a major, 4C: = majors.
    What do you think?

  2. none vul, you hold

     S:K9xx H:Jxx D:K C:K109xx

    a) would you have bid 1NT?
    b) would you have doubled?
    c) what do you do now?
    d) if partner had passed the double, what would you have led?

    Does it matter that partner had a (Good/)Bad 2NT available at his previous turn?

  3. favorable, you hold, playing 12-14 1NT

     S:Kx H:Kx D:AJ109xx C:Kxx


    2NT! = fewer than 4 diamonds, invitational values, balanced, at most 3 spades, at most 4 hearts. (usually)

    RHO leads the S:Q out of turn.

    a) would you have bid 1D:?
    b) would you have bid 1NT?
    c) would you have bid 3NT?
    d) you have five choices after the lead. They are:

    1. accept the lead, put down the dummy, and let partner play the hand
    2. accept the lead, partner puts down the dummy, life continues
    3. bar a spade lead
    4. require a spade lead from the correct hand
    5. make the S:Q a penalty card.
    Which do you choose?

  4. unfavorable, you hold

     S:AKQ10x H:Q9xx D:A C:AJ9

    Dealer. What's your plan?

  5. S: AQ10xx
    H: Jx
    D: 9xxx
    C: Ax
    S: 6xx
    H: Axx
    D: AJ
    C: J7xxx
    1S:1NT (nf)
    T1: C:x-x-8-Q
    T2: S:J-x-x-x
    T3: S:x-x-Q-K
    T4: C:10-x-x-A
    T5: H:x-x-10-?
    What's your plan?


Jeff Goldsmith,, Jan. 31, 1996