A Problem from an Old Bridge World

About 20 years ago, the Bridge World's Master Solvers Club posed this problem:

Don't remember the form of scoring or vulnerability, you hold

 S:Kx H:QJx D:AQJ10xx C:Ax

You Partner
1D: 1S:
3D: 3H:

The panel's answers and comments were generally surprising to me. ...and to the moderator, come to think of it. Twenty years later, I'm posing it to you guys. I'm not sure if this will answer my real question or not, but if you would have done something different twenty years ago (if you were two then, don't bother to say, "I'd just gurgle and spit up on my mother" or the like, please) I'd be curious to hear it. If this panel is very different in tone than the previous one, I'm curious if the reason is that times have changed or if they were just up a tree then (as Jeff Rubens seemed to think, by the way). Or maybe I'm up a tree now. Let's see.

What do you bid and why? As I don't remember the scoring or vulnerability, if it matters, please say why and what you'd do at other forms of the game. Assume as a default both vul at IMPs.

Yeah, yeah, I know some of you would open 1NT (a serious underbid) or rebid 2NT. Some animals would even open 2NT (a moderate overbid, unless you play 19-20 or such). 3D: certainly wasn't a terrible call and you are stuck with it. A fair number of the panelists complained then, so I'll preempt you all this time

Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@tintin.jpl.nasa.gov, March 25, 1999