Some Problems From Bridge Week 2000

  1. IMPs, short matches

     S:KJ10 H:Axx D:KQx C:AJ10x

    You Partner
    1C: 1S:
    2NT (18-19) 4NT

  2. MPs, none vul

     S:KJ6 H:K8 D:A96 C:AK1072

    PassPass1C: 1D:
    2H:* Pass?

    2H: = hearts and clubs, roughly limit raise values.

    What's your plan?

  3. MPs, both vul

     S:A10863 H:AQJ D:106 C:1085

    PassPass2C:* Pass?
    3C:* PassPass?

    2C: is Precision, either 6+C: or 5+C: + 4M.
    3C: is preemptive/blocking.

    a) Do you pass the first time?
    b) How about now?

  4. MPs, both vul

     S:2 H:K76532 D:73 C:J1032

    1H: 1S: 4H: 4S:

  5. MPs, favorable

     S:KJ H:85 D:QJ9543 C:J83

    PassPass1C: 1H:
    Dbl*Pass1S: 2H:
    PassPass2S: Pass

    Dbl promised some values, but denied as many as four spades.

  6. MPs, none vul

     S:J873 H:Q4 D:A765 C:J83

    Partner You
    1C: 1S:
    2H: ?

    What's your plan?

  7. MPs, both vul

    S: Q532
    H: 104
    D: AK98542
    C: ----
    S: A
    H: AKQJ8753
    D: ---
    C: 9852

    North East South West
    1D: Pass 2H: Pass
    3D: Pass 3H: Pass
    4H: Pass 4S: Pass
    5C: Dbl Pass Pass
    5D: Pass 5S: Pass
    6D: Pass 7NT Dbl
    All Pass

    Clubs broke: -1400.

    Apportion the blame between North and South for this debacle of more than fleeting magnitude.

  8. MPs, unfavorable

    S: J1063
    H: K9642
    D: ---
    C: K1064
    S: Q97
    H: J
    D: Q987652
    C: J9

    PartnerDeclarerYou Dummy
    1S: 2H: 2S: 4H:
    All Pass

    You lead the S:Q-3-4-5.
    Signals are standard.
    Over to you.

  9. IMPs, short matches, each team needs a blitz to do anything, E/W vul:

    S: xx
    H: Jx
    D: K1098xx
    C: Q10x
    S: AJ10
    H: 9xx
    D: Jxx
    C: Jxxx
    S: KQ9x
    H: AK10
    D: Qxx
    C: Kxx
    S: xxxx
    H: Qxxxx
    D: A
    C: Axx

    1NT Pass3D: Pass
    3H: All Pass

    1NT was 10-12 systemically, but not announced. If 1NT was strong, 3D: was natural invitational; if 1NT was weak, it was either shortness in hearts with a long suit and a strong hand, or desire to play 3H:. South is expected to bid 3NT with H:KQx (or so) and 3H: otherwise. Followups are: pass with hearts, 3NT with a stiff heart and a long minor (so that South can pass with something like the actual hand, although 3NT initially is reasonable anyway), or the suit in question with a void heart.

    1NT was not announced. 3D: was alerted. East asked; South explained the agreement as it would be over a 10-12 NT. 3H: wasn't alerted (it should have been). East called the director when North passed. East eventually passed. South immediately re-called the director and explained the announcement failure and the systemic agreements in each case.

    How do you rule? Be careful, this may be a little trickier than it looks.

    Jeff Goldsmith,, July 13, 2000