Some Problems from the Burlingame Regional 2/10

  1. IMPs, none vul, you hold

     S:109 H:AQ1098 D:xx C:xxxx

    1C: 2S: 3D: Pass
    4D: Pass4H: Dbl
    4S: Pass5D: Pass
    6D: All pass

    What do you lead? Yeah, you might have bid 3H: over 3D:, but you didn't.

  2. IMPs, both vul, you hold

     S:x H:Kxx D:AKQx C:AKxxx

    RHO opens 1H:. What's your plan?

  3. IMPs, both vul, you hold

     S:Kx H:AQx D:xx C:AKQJxx

    You Partner
    2NT 3H: (transfer)

    2NT is 20-21. Yeah, there are alternatives, but yours is an inexperienced partnership, so 2NT is reasonable. What now?

Jeff Goldsmith, Feb. 22nd, 2010