Outpost Random Events

This expansion set adds random events to Outpost. Approximately one random event occurs each turn. The new updated turn sequence is:
  1. Determination of Player Order
  2. Random Event Phase
  3. Colony Upgrade Rolls
  4. Production
  5. Player Turns
During the random event phase in each turn other than the first, a random event card is drawn from the deck, and the instructions on it are followed. If the card says "Redraw Phase 1" in the upper left hand corner, and Phase 2 has not yet begun, replacement cards are drawn until one applicable to Phase 1 is found. For all purposes of random events, the Phase is changed one turn after the normal phase change. That is, during the first turn of Phase 1, there are no random events; during the first turn of Phase 2, there is a Phase 1 random event; during the first turn of Phase 3, there is a Phase 2 random event. This also applies to any phase-related text on the card.

If factories or people are destroyed during random events, players may not reallocate resources to re-man. If factories or people are created by random events, they may be allocated and used for the current turn, including for the purpose of victory points, though they do not affect the player order. Players may reallocate resources, such as population, during their player turns only, with the exception of using newly obtained items. Population may not be transferred to a new factory; only extra population may be used to man new factories.

At the beginning of the second turn of each of the three phases, the deck is reshuffled.

If a player purchased a colony upgrade card last turn and this turn rolls a new card that is not available or cannot be made available due to too many of that number already being available, the player draws a personal random event instead. The player draws a card and follows the instructions; only that player is affected by the event. If the card says "N/A Personal" anywhere on the card, no effect happens and the player does not redraw, though the player does redraw if the current phase and card require a redraw. The redraw for phase is of higher priority than the "N/A Personal." Failed rolls for replacement Colony Upgrade cards subsequent to the first draw do not cause any random events. Replacement rolls are always done in reverse VP order.

If some action or decision needs to be made by the players due to random events, the last place player decides or acts first. The players continue in reverse player order.

Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@tintin.jpl.nasa.gov, April 2, 1998