Rules Tinkers for Xxxenophile

Some gizmos are too powerful if used as they are; some of those have the cost that someone else gets your cards. Since we don't like permanent costs, all those have been revised to include "after one use, remove from play." The gizmos with such changes are: As everyone does, we also change the Aphrodisiac of Lila to have the cost "remove from play" rather than "destroy this card."

We also don't play for keeps. We sort out the decks (if preconstructed) or just divide them up otherwise after the game.

Wooden Cow of Pasiphae: After a card has been played face down with the Cow, if a player flips one of those cards, it is randomly rotated after flipping, but before spinning. That is, the owner of the Cow gets the advantage of knowing what the card is, but not of knowing its orientation.


Jeff Goldsmith,, Sept. 12, 1997