The Biggest Ravage

For a long time, there had been a hypothesis that one could take an unshared Ravage City with only four cards in a suit, but as far as I know, it had never been proven. I don't think anyone actively tried, but I know I didn't know if the hypothesis was true or not. Kit Woolsey just sent me a construction:
H: K6432
D: KJ107
C: A942
S: A6432
H: A1098
D: A984
S: K875
D: Q6532
C: K876
S: QJ109
H: QJ75
C: QJ1053
"West leads his 3 aces, collecting a club discard from each player. He then leads a red suit to North, and North cashes a trick in each suit getting a spade discard from each player. North leads a diamond to East, and East cashes a trick in each suit, getting a heart discard from each player. East leads a club to South, who claims—giving us the desired result."
Jeff Goldsmith, October 6, 2003