Bohnanza Tidbits

Future Considerations

All too often, the player who wants your bean doesn't have anything to give you. Failing to trade, however, means you both lose; he doesn't get the bean and you have to plant it. To overcome this snag, we've developed a set of promises to exchange for beans. Of course, the obvious promises, like "your next Blue Bean" happen, but we often use the ones below. None of these promises are binding, but it's pretty silly to renege on them. If everyone else is trading for future deals as well as current beans, and you don't get to because you've reneged, you have no chance to win. Reneging on the last turn can be profitable, but player generally won't trade for future considerations that late in the game.

The Beans

# in DeckGenerally Called
4Cocoa Bean
6Garden Bean
8Red Bean
10Black-Eyed Pea/Bean or Augen Bean
12Soy Bean
14Green or Barf Bean
16Pig or Sow Bean
18Fire Bean
20Blue Bean
22Brandy, Purple, or Wiener Bean
24Coffe Bean

Jeff Goldsmith,, Nov. 11, 1998