City of Chaos

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not draw an Action card on the City Gates tile.

If a player is unable to move off the tile, he can commit suicide and restart at the City Gates. Leave all possessions on the tile (See Restarting in an existing Game in the Rule Book).

If the City Gates tile is totally cut off from the rest of the City and a player has to restart the player can restart from any Special Location as chosen by the other players.

Only draw an Action Card at the end of your movement no matter how many tiles you have been on.

You do not draw an Action Card if you enter straight into a Location. [In an email from the designer, I was told that they play this to mean "onto an Action Tile." I'm not sure if this is an improvement or not.]

There is an error on the player combat cards. The card reading A4 D2 should read A4 D3; please adjust this manually.

The combat statistics for the Blacksmith are missing. They are BP 11 Att 0 Def +1 Heads 1 Carrying 118.

The Pack O' Rats is treated as a single entity since individually they do not rate a combat card each; however, a Rocket hits as though there are 6 opponents.

If you attack the "Weedy Manager" of the Prizefight, Basher jumps to the Manager's rescue, therefore combat is against the Prizefighter, not the manager.

You cannot fight the beggar outside the Brotherhood of Thieves.

Rabid Dog. Items/Magic that will scare away the Rabid Dog are: Firework Rocket, Flash Powder, Snubnosed Pistol, Magnesium Rose or Flare.

The Mesmeric Head behaves the same as a Mesmerist when confronting the Rabid Dog.

Ways of gaining Groats: Work for Express Deliveries. Help the Mortuary Attendant or read the Noticeboard in the Merry Man. Try Help in Silve Serpent or Grinning Rat. Gamble in the Grinning Rat. Kill characters who may carry money. Bet on the Prizefight outcome. Give unwanted items to the Alchemist or trade them at the Pawn Shop. Attempt to rob the City Gifts Shop. Sell the Dragon Spittle Spray or the Magnesium Rose to the Merchant. Go with the Private Guard to the Grinning Rat and accept the bribe if offered. Free the children from the slave labor at the Factory but don't share your findings. Find a purse in the street. Become of Brother and steal from other players. Become a Mesmerist and use your skills to make your money go further. Use Pyrotechnical skills to make items and sell them to the Pawn Shop or other player or have them changed into hard currency by the Alchemist. Offer to help the Priest. Free the Dragon Sentinel, but not too willingly!

If you die inside the Dark Tower, all of your possessions are lost. if you die inside any other location, your goods remain there, and the first person to reach the tile claims the goods.

You do not have to land on the exact square of any discarded items, just the same tile.

The Pyrotechnics can make as many Rockets, Flash Powders, or Smokescreens as they like. Players can buy as many items, powders, potions, etc. as they like. For production purposes, we limited the number of cards in the game.

When a player has killed the Assassin, they are awarded a Cheeswire. If there are no Cheeswires in the Items pack, get it from the Action pack.

From Monocle Games

Jeff Goldsmith,, Jan. 25, 1999