Optional Rule Set for Sixteen-Thirty something...

These rules are primarily intended to be used together. Some of the problems they are meant to overcome don't appear until one is used. In particular, shrinking the hand size down makes an initial position very strong compared to the original game. When the cards were constantly cycling, initial positions were pretty irrelevant.
  1. Hand Size: Hand sizes are limited to six cards. The initial deal is of six cards.

  2. Fair Start: Separate out the six VP chits for Spain, Germany, and the Hapsburg Empire. Shuffle. Deal one to each player. If playing with three or four players (optionally) remove an undealt VP chit from this group from play. Put the remainder into the main group. Shuffle. Deal out the rest of the chits as normal.

  3. Regaining Neutrality: If a country reaches zero status and zero ability, it loses its faction marker.

  4. Delegation of Votes: A player may assign his/her votes to the caller of the vote. Those votes will vote just as the caller does. Optionally, delegation can be done to any voter, not just the caller.

  5. Change to First Turn: The rule that three influence cards are required to be played before the first turn is stricken. That is no longer an option.
Please tell me how you like these rules and if you find any problems with them.
Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@tintin.jpl.nasa.gov, March 11, 1996