Roberto's Swiss Movie

First, the acknowledgements:

This movie was written using Jeff Goldsmith's Perl script . Most of the hands in the movie occured in local or club competition. One was made up by me to make a point, and another one is from international competition. The movie is suitable for bright intermediate or advanced players. Experts will likely find it too easy.

The story:

You have entered a local sectional with your usual teammates, a solid, straightforward pair. Your usual partner is out of town, but you were lucky enough to recruit a player that is new to the area. You have played against him a few times at the club and have found him to be very competent. While you do not have complete systemic understandings, you can rely on him to play a basic 2/1 system, and to figure out what is going on provided that you do not get too fancy. Your carding agreements are also pretty much standard.

Anyway, you win your first match pretty easily against a so-so team. All of a sudden, there is loud arguing. The two best teams in the event were randomly drawn against each other in the first match, but their pairs sat in the wrong direction. They both scored zero victory points for the first round, so all of a sudden you are very well placed to win the event if you can just keep it up.

Your opponents for the second match are a group of solid citizens, pretty much equivalent to your teammates. You think you have the edge at your table, but in a seven-board match anyting can happen.

You notice that the set of boards you are going to play is a strange one for a seven-board match. Maybe someone is conspiring to make you the hero of this match?

Are you ready?

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