A Bridge Movie: Flight A Pairs

Hi. This is a bridge movie. You will be playing a pairs event along with me. The event in particular is the Thursday Flight A pairs in San Diego, April 4th, 1996. Your partner is capable and imaginative; you'll be in either my seat or his seat, depending on which hand has the more interesting decision. I'll keep track of your matchpoint score as you go along.

The event is 26 tables in two sections, scored across sections, so there's a 25 top. 26 boards will take you quite awhile, so don't start until you have a few hours to work on this. You can stop in the middle and save as a bookmark; we'll restart where you left off---but be sure to save at the point you are, not at the beginning. In reality, you don't get to see your matchpoint scores as you go along, but if you want to see them here, you can check the scorecard.

Since this was a real event, you get to play the same methods that we played in it. These are a little strange. They are 2/1 promises a rebid, but is not game forcing; 10-12 notrumps in 1st and 2nd NV, 15-17 the rest of the time; and Overcall Structure. Other opening bids are pretty much down-the-middle. I'll try to explain the methods and options as they come up.

Also because it is a real event, partner and the opponents will sometimes make errors or take very successful actions. The matchpoint awards are approximately what those scores would have received in real life.

This is my first attempt at such a large interactive web program. If something goes wrong, or if I've left off something important (missed a double squeeze, forgot to show you your hand, etc.), please tell me. Thanks! I hope it's fun.

We are in a 13-table section, so while we are pre-alerting (this is a Midchart event) the directors take the boards away from us. Ten minutes later, they come back ready to play.

Have fun!

© Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@tintin.jpl.nasa.gov, April 19,1996