OKbridge IMP Bridge Movie

Welcome back. Tonight, your team, the Overberries, has a short match in its OKBridge Knockout. The team is a good one; you were #1 seed in your bracket. You will play with one of two partners, each capable. Your teammates are very strong, and include a world champion. Your opponents are young and unheralded, but will play a sound game. You will have to be on your game to beat them.

This match of seven boards is a little bit fictional. All the hands are real, but they are selected from a 24-board match. As a result, the vulnerabilities and dealers will wander around apparently at random. Don't assume the expected vulnerability; I'll try to tell it to you on each hand.

Since this is a team match, you won't be able to see your scorecard until after all seven boards. You'll get to compare then.

Your methods are variable notrumps (very variable, sometimes 10-12, sometimes 12-14, and sometimes 15-17) Overcall Structure, and many gadgets. If one comes up, I'll try to explain your options and give you a pointer to more information. Your opening bids are sound in the minors, but not as sound as K/S; normal in the majors. Good luck!

This movie was produced with the alpha test version of soon-to-be-available movie software. Testers report that it took them about ten minutes to do a hand. I wish I were that fast.

© Jeff Goldsmith, jeff@gg.caltech.edu, Fri Sep 24 10:42:29 2021