San Francisco 96 Blue Ribbon Pairs 2nd Final Session

Welcome. This is a bridge movie based on the 2nd final session of the Blue Ribbon Pairs at the San Francisco 1996 NABC. We had a bad first final session so we are out of the running for the event, but we can still make the overalls. There are three sections qualified for the finals playing with preduplicated boards scored across the field, so top is 38. You'll probably need about a 53% game to make the last overall spot.

Since this movie contains all 26 boards, it may take you some time to complete it. If you'd like to stop in the middle and come back, save a bookmark for the point you're at.

Since this was a real event, you get to play the methods we were playing. They are 2/1 game forcing, 2/1 constructive in competition, 15-17 notrumps, standard carding, and some artificial major suit raises. You aren't a regular partnership, but you have had very few misunderstandings over the past 5 days. If you try something creative, chances are good partner will be on the same wavelength. I'll explain any special methods as they come up.

Also, because it is a real event, partner and the opponents sometimes make errors or take extremely successful actions. Sometimes you will be my partner and sometimes you will be me, depending on which hand has the more interesting decisions. The hands will be rotated to make you South at all times, but appear in the hand record as they were in real life. As such, the dealer and vulnerability may jump around a little, so be sure to check.

Since we were at 2 N/S in the 2nd final, you'll play the boards in order starting with board 3, and finish against the seeds (Stewart - Weinstein). Good luck!

This version of the movie was created on January 14, 1997, and contains some more variations in the play than the previous versions.

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