Lots of folks helped out in ways to make all this stuff. I probably forgot most of them, but I'll try to thank everyone here. Thanks!
Al Barr
Al lets me use his computers.
Rod Roark
Rod gave me those great suit symbols.
Roberto Scaramuzzi
Roberto convinced me that a web bridge page would be fun to do and would be read by others.
Movie test team
Danil Suits, Brian Oxley, Mike Albert, and Don Kersey helped with the movie software. Brian and Danil are still helping.
Bridge at Hot folks
Bobby Bodenheimer built and administered the mailing list that allowed all the problems and polls to get done. Thanks to all the panelists for not objecting to my publishing their work without permission, including, but not limited to: Steve Altus, Grant Baze, Jeff Blond, Bobby Bodenheimer, Ed Davis, Sam Dinkin, Web Ewell, John Fout, Walter Hamilton, Curt Hastings, Lynn Johannsen, Rolf Küehn, Alan LeBendig, Dave Milton, Mike Shuster, Sylvia Summers, Jeff Rawlings, Roberto Scaramuzzi, George Yu
Bud Jacobson
My ex-boss, who didn't hassle me when I wasted an hour here and there learning something that might not end up being useful to JPL, but invariably ended up being so.
Bob Holzman
...who made it all necessary.

Jeff Goldsmith,, July 23, 1996